Transforming ADHD Challenges into Weight Loss Success

I am committed to helping women with ADHD to find the ways that work for them to finally reach sustainable weight loss.

Let me guess…

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve tried everything to lose weight but haven’t found lasting success. You’ve been white knuckling your way through one-size-fits-all programs that don’t consider your unique needs or neurodiversity. These plans, either too rigid or too lax, leave you feeling like YOU are the problem. You wonder why you can’t just “get it together” in this area of your life. With all of this, it feels like nothing can ever change so you are stuck in life as it is.

You know what to do, but you find that impulsive eating wins out too often.

You can’t seem to plan out and stick with a routine, and wind up giving up.

You get stuck in the perfectionist mindset and end up nowhere.

It’s time for a change

Transformative Weight Loss with ADHD Is Within Reach!


Focus & Flourish

A 12-week, high-touch coaching program offering 1-on-1 support for women with ADHD. This program helps you achieve your specific weight loss goals by working with your ADHD, developing routines and habits you love, and enjoying life as your unique self.

12 Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls

Personalized sessions via Zoom to guide you through your journey.

Resource Library

Educational materials at your fingertips for deeper learning.

Daily Support via Text

Continuous assistance and motivation to keep you on track.

As much or as little worksheets as you want

Tools to help you implement strategies and track progress, but no homework!

Here’s how it works

Start your journey today!

We’ll start out with a one-on-one call to discuss your goals and where you are currently at. Based on this, we’ll create a customized plan and guide you through the following steps in our weekly calls, adapting and changing as needed.

Step 1

Creative Planning

Nutrition and life planning that’s meant just for you, to create practical routines and enjoyable eating.

Step 2


Building emotional and physical awareness for sustainable transformation.

Step 3

Lifestyle Optimization

Enhancing sleep, stress management, hydration, and your overall environment.

Step 4

Movement & Mindfulness

Developing ADHD-friendly mindfulness practices and physical activity how you like to do it!

Love Notes

Client Success Stories

I finally feel like I have some strategies that make sense to me for getting my struggles under control! – AS

Jenn is funny, personable, and empathetic. I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life and she helped me tie everything together and come up with solutions from an ADHD perspective. – SW

Jenn delivers such helpful content from a warm and compassionate place. I highly recommend her for those of us with ADHD to understand better why we seem to revisit weight struggles. – PR

I tried to follow diet plans but my brain doesn’t allow me to do things like that. Jenn helped me by getting me to set goals and then I didn’t want to break them with myself. I’ve lost over 65lbs so far! – KB

I have had the good fortune to be coached by Jenn and she is a brillant, compassionate, and insightful woman who is passionate about helping women achieve their goals. Highly recommend. – LM

Ready to get started?

  Transform your approach to weight loss, embrace your ADHD strengths, and start living life as your authentic self. Book a call now and begin your transformative journey!

TOTAL COST: 12 weeks of 1:1 coaching is $1,395 USD one-time payment, OR:

3 monthly payments of $495 USD


We’ve got answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ADHD affect weight loss and how does your coaching address this?

ADHD can significantly impact weight loss and overall wellness in several ways. Firstly, impulsivity associated with ADHD can lead to challenges with consistent dietary choices. Individuals may find themselves making spontaneous food decisions, often opting for quick, less nutritious options. Secondly, maintaining routines and habits, crucial for a successful weight loss journey, can be particularly challenging. This includes difficulties in sticking to regular meal times, exercise schedules, and consistent sleep patterns.

Additionally, emotional regulation, which can be more complex for those with ADHD, plays a vital role. Emotional eating, for instance, may be more prevalent due to ADHD-related mood fluctuations or stress. This can lead to patterns of overeating or choosing comfort foods that are high in calories but low in nutritional value.

Lastly, ADHD can affect executive functioning, including planning and time management skills, which are essential in meal planning and preparing healthy options. This can result in reliance on convenient but unhealthy food choices.

Understanding and addressing these ADHD-specific challenges is crucial for creating effective weight loss and wellness strategies. Jennifer Watts Coaching addresses these by offering ADHD-tailored strategies, focusing on personalized routines, mindful eating, and stress management.

Is this program suitable for me if I'm newly diagnosed or suspect I have ADHD?

Absolutely, an official diagnosis of ADHD is not a requirement to work with me. My coaching is designed to be beneficial for anyone who resonates with ADHD traits or faces similar challenges in weight loss and wellness, regardless of their diagnosis status.

The program offers a valuable opportunity to understand and adapt your approach to weight loss in a way that may align well with ADHD traits, using personalized strategies and supportive coaching. Whether you’re officially diagnosed or just exploring the possibility of ADHD, this program can help establish effective habits and routines, providing a strong foundation for managing your unique challenges and leveraging your strengths in all aspects of life.

How does coaching for ADHD differ from traditional weight loss coaching?

Coaching for ADHD incorporates understanding ADHD-specific challenges like focus, impulsivity, and routine maintenance, and tailors strategies accordingly, unlike traditional methods.

  1. Tailored to ADHD-Specific Challenges: ADHD coaching specifically addresses challenges like maintaining focus, managing impulsivity, and establishing consistent routines. These are aspects that traditional weight loss coaching might not consider deeply but are crucial for individuals with ADHD.
  2. Customized Strategy Development: Traditional coaching often follows a one-size-fits-all approach, focusing primarily on diet and exercise. In contrast, ADHD coaching develops strategies that are personalized to the individual’s unique ADHD symptoms and how these symptoms interact with their lifestyle, dietary habits, and exercise routines.
  3. Executive Function Support: ADHD often affects executive functioning skills, such as planning, time management, and decision-making. Coaching for ADHD places a significant emphasis on developing these skills, which are essential for successful weight management but often overlooked in traditional coaching.
  4. Emotional Regulation and Mindfulness: Individuals with ADHD may experience heightened emotional responses and impulsivity, impacting their eating habits. ADHD coaching focuses on emotional regulation techniques and mindfulness practices to help manage these aspects.
  5. Flexible and Adaptive Approach: ADHD coaching is more flexible and adaptive, recognizing that consistency and routine may be more challenging for individuals with ADHD. This flexibility includes adapting goals and methods as the client progresses, rather than adhering to a rigid plan.

Overall, coaching for ADHD is more holistic, taking into account the broader impacts of ADHD on a person’s life, not just their eating and exercise habits.

How long does it typically take to see results when working with you?

While individual experiences vary, many clients start seeing positive changes in habits and mindset within a few weeks, with more tangible results over the course of the program.

  1. Early Changes (Within a Few Weeks): Initially, many clients experience shifts in their habits and mindset. This can include improved awareness of eating patterns, better management of impulsivity related to food, and the beginning of establishing more consistent routines. These early changes are crucial as they lay the groundwork for more significant transformations.
  2. Mid-Program Progress: As clients progress through the program, usually by the midpoint, they often start to see more noticeable changes. This can manifest as improved adherence to healthier eating habits, increased physical activity, and better emotional regulation. Clients may also notice a change in how they respond to stress and their overall relationship with food.
  3. Tangible Results (Towards the End of the Program): By the end of the 12-week program, many clients typically see tangible results. This could be in the form of weight loss, but also in overall wellness, such as feeling more energetic, having better focus, and experiencing a greater sense of control over their health choices.
  4. Long-Term Success: It’s important to note that true, sustainable results are about more than just the numbers on the scale. They include long-term changes in lifestyle and mindset, which are essential for maintaining the results achieved during the program.

Remember, each individual’s journey is unique, especially when factoring in the complexities of ADHD. Some may see results quicker, while others may take a bit longer to develop and solidify new habits.

What is the cost of the program and are there payment plans available?

The ‘Focus & Flourish’ program costs $1,697 USD.

Yes, there is a payment plan. You can opt to split the cost over three months, aligning with the 12-week duration of the program. The payment plan consists of three installments of $597 each, making it more manageable to invest in your wellness journey while still accessing all the program’s benefits.

Are there any resources available for those not ready for coaching?

Yes, absolutely! You can find the ‘Losing Weight with ADHD‘ podcast on most major streaming platforms. For insightful articles, visit our blog section on the website. Both resources are available for free to those exploring their options and are packed with valuable information and tips for managing ADHD and weight loss.

You can also grab my free guide, The CALM Method to explore the four key components of our unique weight loss approach. This guide breaks down each step, providing you with clear, actionable strategies tailored for ADHD.