Losing Weight with ADHD Podcast
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Balanced Living with ADHD

Welcome to the “Balanced Living with ADHD” podcast, hosted by Jennifer Watts. This podcast is an extension of our commitment to empowering women with ADHD on their journey to wellness.

Join us as we explore the unique challenges and opportunities that come with managing weight loss when you have ADHD. Each episode is packed with insights, tips, and real-life stories from women who are walking this path.

Expert Interviews

Hear from nutritionists, psychologists, and other experts who specialize in ADHD and weight loss.

Personal Stories

Listen to inspiring journeys of women who have successfully navigated these challenges.

Practical Tips

Get actionable advice on nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and habit building tailored for ADHD.

Community Questions

I’ll answer questions from my listeners, addressing common concerns and offering support.

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Losing Weight with ADHD Podcast