Meal Planning with ADHD

Learn how to meal plan in a way that works for YOU.


Eating throughout your week without a plan can cost you time, money, and food waste.

The Meal Planning with ADHD course will guide you through strategies to develop a weekly meal plan that works with your ADHD brain and gets you to your goals.

Mastering Meal Planning with ADHD

The best way to devise a meal plan is to work with what you like, and in a way that fits your life – you are not going to follow a cookie cutter meal plan given to you by someone else!

Meal Planning with ADHD

Create Freedom

Making decisions ahead of time will actually free you up from decision fatigue throughout the week.

Save Time

No more frantically scrounging the cupboards in the evening and wasting time assembling makeshift meals.

Save Money

If you know what you already have, and you buy what you need, you will save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in the long run.

Waste Less

When the food you have all serves a purpose, you are far less likely to be throwing out things like wilted vegetables you never got to!

Do any of these sound familiar?

Struggling to stick with meal plans

Do you find yourself repeatedly planning meals but struggling to follow through, leading to last-minute unhealthy choices or eating out?

Overwhelmed by Meal Prep

Does the thought of meal prepping feel overwhelming, leaving you confused about where to start and how to make it work with your ADHD?

Impulsive Eating habits

Do you find it hard to maintain a consistent, healthy diet, especially when ADHD symptoms like lack of focus and impulsivity interfere with your food choices?

What if I told you that

Meal planning with ADHD can be easy!

Course breakdown

What are you getting?

Shop Your Home

Take stock of what you already have on hand in your kitchen.

Schedule & Sales

Identify what you have going on and see where sales are happening this week.


Create a plan to have the foods you want that also fit your nutritional goals.

Shopping Plan

Determine what you need and how you will get it to your home.

See it Through

Ensure that you actually execute the plan that you put in place.


Templates for inventory, grocery lists, and your weekly plan

Meal Plan with ease

Ready to get started?

Meet Your Instructor

Jennifer Watts is a CPA turned Certified Life Coach and Nutrition Coach. She had struggled with her weight for most of her life, and unknowingly been living with undiagnosed ADHD all of that time. When her son was diagnosed in 2020, this set her on the path to discovering her own ADHD and learning all of the connections and impact this had on her struggle with weight.

These discoveries lead her to finally begin to sustainably lose weight in a way that worked with her neurodiversity rather than against it. She became passionate about wanting to share this with other women like her and obtained certifications through the Life Coach School and Precision Nutrition. She works as a coach helping women with ADHD to also sustainably lose weight, just like her.