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Discover the CALM Method for Weight Loss with ADHD

Learn simple strategies to overcome common weight loss hurdles, let go of shame, and embrace your journey with confidence and ease.

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Discover ADHD-Friendly Nutrition Strategies: Learn easy approaches to planning how to eat that align with your ADHD, offering flexibility and effectiveness.

Gain Insight into Emotional and Physical Cues: Get the first steps to learning how ADHD affects your relationship with food and what drives your eating habits.

Embrace a Holistic Approach: Get a sneak peek into how lifestyle aspects like sleep, movement, and mindfulness can significantly impact your weight loss journey with ADHD.

About the Author

A note from Jenn…

Hey, I’m Jenn, a certified nutrition and life coach with a special focus on weight loss for women with ADHD. My journey, both personal and as a professional, has taught me the unique challenges women with ADHD face in weight loss.

I’m passionate about helping women not only to achieve their health goals but also to get to live a life filled with confidence and fulfillment. My approach is empathetic and holistic, with supportive coaching that is never one-size-fits-all.

To start your journey, download my guide ‘CALM Method for Weight Loss with ADHD’ and begin learning the basics of weight loss tailored just for you.